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Vessel Traffic Service

The VTS-tariff is levied for shore based assistance to seagoing vessels with a length of 41 metres and over, entering one of the five vessel traffic service areas:
Westerschelde, Nieuwe Waterweg, Noordzeekanaal, Den Helder and Eems.

On leaving the VTS-area and re-entering the same area without again having to clear your vessel, you need not pay the VTS-tariff anew. This applies to large seagoing vessels which only turn around at sea.

When you leave a VTS-area and enter another one, you again pay the VTS-tariff. This also applies for vessels shifting within the same customs area, even if you do not have to clear the vessel anew.

If you enter the same VTS-area more than once a day, you pay the VTS-tariff only once. This applies especially to pilot vessels and dredgers.

The tariff rate depends on the length of the vessel. This is the length according to the International Certificate of Registry 1969 (ICR 1969), the so called London length. You may round off the length downwards in whole metres. If the London length is unknown, the customs officer will assess the length of the vessel.

Tariffs (in Euro's)

Length of the vessel

Tariff €

41 to 101 m 113,45
101 to 250 m 113,45, plus 7,72 for each metre over 100 m
250 m and more 1.270,58

At clearance you are to supply a completed VTS-form to customs. You can apply for free forms with the Belasting Telefoon Douane (Customs Hot Line) phone 0800-0143 (free), this enables you to fill out the form in advance. Customs can also supply a form on the spot for you to fill out there. If you have a standing guarantee with the Netherlands Inland Revenue/Customs you will pay on receipt of the invoice. You will receive one invoice weekly for the specifications of that week. Enclosed with the invoice you will receive a specification of the vessels, days and VTS-areas. If you do not have a guarantee you will have to pay cash. You will then receive a receipt.

These tariffs have not changed, per January 1st, 2014

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