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Traffic Information IJmuiden

The VTS-Area Amsterdam North Sea Canal is located at the Lock Coordination Centre.
Tel 0255 - 51 44 57.

Nautical Management, with regard to the local light buoys, beacons, lighting, radio beacons, visual storm warnings, the traffic management system, regulations and patrol boats, comes under this service. Radar assistance can be given at all times. The range of the radar is 20 miles.

Warning to be observed when entering IJmuiden harbour
Though IJmuiden harbour is comparatively very easy of access, captains would be well advised to read the following warnings: Never enter without a pilot, if you do not have local knowledge of the port situation. If because of
prevailing bad weather a pilot cannot be obtained on the roads, a pilot will be ready to board the ship as soon as the outer harbour has been entered. It is also possible to obtain a pilot by means of helicopter transfer. Arrangements should be made in advance.
Radar piloting assistance is available from HOC.
Never navigate too close to the pierheads, as large blocks of concrete have been deposited around them, up to a distance of 123 feet.
Never reduce speed to less than 6 knots when entering with the tide running. Keep to the South pierhead when it is flood tide, to the North pierhead when ebbtide. Especially when the wind and tide are coming from the same direction, a decidedly strong current runs across the entrance. When a speed of at least 6 knots cannot be attained and kept, wait until low water. Never forget that the flood tide running N.N.E. is usually much stronger than the ebb tide running into S.S.W.-Iy direction.
Never forget the important fact that the flood runs with diminishing speed until 2 to 3 hours after high water. The ebb attains its greatest force 2 hours after low water.
Low water IJmuiden 2 to 3 hours before high water and 2 to 3 hours after high water. These are
the best times to enter IJmuiden.

Average tide and speed of current at IJmuiden
During neap tides the current will be 25% less in speed, and during spring tides about 20%
more in speed.

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