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Radio Medical Services

The Radio Medical Service (RMS) of the Netherlands Lifeboat service (KNRM) is for the benefit of sick or wounded sailors of all nationalities. A physician can provide medical advice 24 hours per day and can act as intermediary between ship and shore. If necessary he can arrange the transport of a patient to a hospital.
Radio Medical advice is free of charge.

Along the Netherlands coast the landing of a patient is coordinated by the Netherlands Coast Guard with cooperation of the Lifeboat service and the Royal Navy helicopters.

Requests for medical advise via:
VHF-channel 70 DSC or VHF-channel 16
MF DSC 2187.5 kHz or MF 2182 kHz
Inmarsat A/B/M Telephone - via Station 12
Inmarsat A/B/C Telex - via Station 12
Are handled by the Coast Guard. Calls via Inmarsat A/B/C Telex will be connected with an electronic mailbox which automatically contact the doctor on duty.

Your message should at least mention:

  • symptoms of illness,
  • complaints,
  • age and sex of patient,
  • pulse,
  • respiration,
  • temperature of the patient (in centigrade),
  • type of medicine chest on board.

For more information:
KNRM - Radio Medical Service
P.O.Box 434, 1970 AK IJmuiden

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