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Port Information Terminals and Docks

Bulk, Containers, Ro-Ro and Break Bulk

Liquid bulk terminals

Vopak bunker terminal Amsterdam Eurotank Amsterdam B.V.
Handling of:  fuel oil, gas, oil, tar products  Handling of: refined products, chemicals petrochemicals, and molasses 
Total storage capacity: 90,000 m3  Total storage capacity: 1,300,000 m3 
Tank sizes (range): 50 – 7,000 m3 Tank sizes (range): 2,000 – 40,000 m3
Number of tanks: 32  Number of tanks: 288 
Capacity oil products:  90,000 m3  Maximum draft: 13.7 m (45 ft)
Maximum draft: 9.1 m (30 ft)


7 for seagoing Vessels and 15 for Barges


1 million m3 terminal under construction

2 for seagoing vessels 2 for barges


Noord Europese Wijnopslag bedrijf B.V.  Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V.
Located in: Moezelhaven  Handling of:  oil products, heavy fuel oil, molasses, oil and chemicals
Handling of: wine  Total capacity: 800,000 m3
Crane: flexible hose crane  Tank sizes (range):  4,000 – 40,000 m3
Total storage capacity:  57,500 m3 Number of tanks: 53
Maximum draft:  9,1 m (30 ft) Capacity oil products: 760,000 m3
Berths: 2 (total quay length 25 m)  Maximum draft: 13.7 (45 ft)
    Jetties: 7
Wijn Terminal Roders B.V. 
Located in: Entrepothaven (Zeeburgerkade)
Handling of:  wine 
Handling capacity:  10,000 tons a year 
Total storage capacity: 22,000 m3
Tank sizes (range): 500 – 2,000 m3
Number of tanks: 100
Maximum draft: 7.50 m

Dry bulk terminals

Amsterdam Coal Processing (ACP)  Beemsterboer Coldstore services B.V. 
Handling of: coal products Handling of:  drums with fruit juice/vegetables 
Storage capacity:  5.3 ha, 200,000 tons  Handling capacity: 200,000 tons a year 
Handling capacity:  1 million tons  Storage capacity: 45,000 tons
Cranes: see Rietlanden  Cranes: mobile cranes 
Distribution capacity: see Rietlanden  Quay length: 160 m 
Mooring capacity:  180 m quay for the charge of coasters and push barges only Maximum draft: 10 m 
Maximum draft:  13.7 m (45 ft), 16.5 m (54 ft) when using lighter facility outside the locks 
Vessels accommodated:  coasters and push barges up to 10,000 dwt 
Daalimpex Velsen B.V. Eggerding + Co Group 
Handling of: chilled and frozen products Handling of:  industrial minerals
Handling capacity:  800,000 tons year 
Storage capacity: 125,000 m of which 80,000 m covered 
Storage capacity: 1,300,000 m3  Cranes: 16 tons floating crane, Shore cranes 
Cranes: mobile crane Quay length:  1,500 m 
Quay length:  Velsen: 750 m  Maximum draft:  10 m 
Maximum draft:  12 m
IGMA Grain Terminal  OBA Bulk Terminals Amsterdam
Handling of : grains, grain derivates, oilseeds, cattle feed, cocoa,ore, fertilizer, coal and other bulk goods  Handling of:  coal, ore, industrial minerals, scrap, building materials and agribulk 
Storage capacity:  in silos 52,000 metric Tons floating storage Facilities 50,000 Metric tons, silo charge/discharge speed is 700 tons/hour  Storage capacity: 65 ha, 2,5 million tons of dry bulk goods, 24,000 m warehouse 
Handling capacity: 8 million tons  Handling capacity: 15 million tons 
Cranes: on shore: 2 Siwertells And 2 pneumatic dis- Charge units (max 800 tons/hour); floating: 5 grab cranes/weighing towers (up to 1,240 tons/hour), 1 pneumatic discharge unit  Cranes:  4 gantry cranes (3 x 30 tons, 1 x 50 tons,) 2 floating cranes (16+ 50 tons) 
Distribution capacity:  40,000 tons in 24 hrs  Distribution capacity:  65,000 in 24 hrs 
Mooring capacity:  2 jetties (45 ft), buoys With 3 landing stages (45 ft)  Mooring capacity:  900 m quay 
Maximum draft:  13.7 m (45 ft), 16.5 (54 ft) When using lighter facility outside the locks Maximum draft: 13.7 m (47 ft.), 16.5 m (54 ft.) when using the lighter facility outside the locks 
Vessels accommodated:  At discharge quay and buoys seagoing vessels with a draft of up to 45 ft. At loading pier A for coasters and barges with a draft of up to 9 m. Loading pier B at silos with a draft of up to 7 m.  Vessels accommodated: seagoing vessels up to 150,000 dwt and barges with no draft limitation 
Rietlanden Stevedors B.V.  Stuwadoorsbedrijf Velserkom B.V.
Handling of: coal, industrial minerals, scrap  Located in:  Velsen-Noord Outside the locks
Storage capacity:  21 ha, 1,2 million tons of dry bulk products Handling of:  various bulk products 
Handling capacity:  5 million tons 2 floating cranes (2 x 36 tons) and 1 mobile crane (6 tons)  Crane:  7.5 tons harbour crane 
Distribution capacity:  25,000 in 24 hrs Quay length :  300 m 
Mooring capacity:  1,130 m quay for bulk carriers with a draft of up to 13.7 m (45 ft.)  Maximum draft :  8,0 m 
Maximum draft:  13.7 m (45 ft), 16.5 m (54 ft) when using lighter the locks facilities outside    
Vessels accommodated:  seagoing vessels up to 150,000 dwt down to barges with a draft of up tp 5.75 m     

Container, ro-ro and break bulk terminals

United Stevedores Amsterdam
Deepwater quay side, 1 gantry crane, 5 multi-purpose cranes, 2 mobile cranes, 2.5 million sq. ft warehousing, 1 million sq. ft open storage, on-site stevedoring and customs clearance, and on-site railway terminal. Large container terminal under construction adjacently. 
Ceres AmsterdamTerminals B.V. 
Containers (200,000 TEU capacity), ro-ro and general cargo terminal with a total area of 370,000 m, of which 40,000 is covered. Total quay length1,250m with a draft alongside of 12,5 m (44 ft.) 3 gantry cranes for container handling and 12 multi-purpose cranes. Rail terminal. All container, ro-ro and general cargo facilities available.

Amsterdam Container Terminal
From mid 2001. Container terminal of 50 ha. Total quay length 650m + 2x 400 m (intended berth) with a draft of 48 feet. 9 super post Panamax ship to shore cranes (65 tons capacity under the spreader). Rail terminal, barge terminal, empty depot and container repairs on site. 40 straddle carriers. All container facilities available. 

Container Terminal Vrede Zaanstad B.V. 
Handles container, break bulk and other cargo. 
Handling capacity containers:40,000 TEUs a year. Storage capacity: 12,200 m open and 1,000 m shedded. Storage capacity containers:1,000 TEUs. Quay length:100 m. Crane 5o tons Goliath crane. 
Container Terminal Vrede Zaanstad also handles powders. Storage in a silo with a capacity of 10,000 tons.  
Dry bulk and general cargo terminal with a quay wall of 350 m,3 berths and a draft of up to 9.14 m (30 ft.) The equipment consists of 2-10 ton shore cranes, 20 forklifts, 2 mafi trucks and 8 mafi platforms. The terminal has 70,000 m /100,000 m covered storage and 30,000 m open storage. Transhipment is possible from and to seagoing vessels, inland barges and trucks. The stevedoring company is specialized in the handling of sawn timber.
Nissan Carrier Europe B.V. 
Ro-ro terminal with a quay wall of 1,000 m, 5 berths and a draft of up to 13.5 m (44.3 ft). The terminal has 600,000 m open storage at the adjacent terminal of Ceres. Cranes and other terminal equipment are also at the Ceres terminal. 
Transhipment is possible from and to seagoing vessels, inland barges, railway wagons and trucks.  
Ter Haak Stuwadoors 
An 800 m quay is available for vessels with drafts of up to 12.5 m (41 ft), and a shedded area of 25,000 m, 2 25-ton multi-purpose cranes, 7-10 ton multi-purpose cranes, 5 tugmasters, fork-lift trucks with capacities of up to 30 tons, conveyor belt systems, railway connections, container cleaning and repair facilities.
Transit Terminal Amsterdam 
Deepwater quay of800 m, a coaster quay of 150 m, a lighter quay of 150 m, 100,000 m open storage, a shedded area of 35,000 m, 2 mobile multi-purpose cranes, 5 40-ton quay cranes, railway connections container cleaning and repair facilities.
VCK Scandia Terminal 
Ro-ro terminal with three ro-ro berths, a total of 145,000m of which 42,000 m is shedded. Maximum vessel draft of 8,6 m (28 ft.). Specialized is short-sea ro-ro lines, including agency, shipping and forwarding services (see also Cruise Terminals). 
Waterland Terminal BV 
Short-sea,  ro-ro and break bulk terminal  with a quay length of 350m and maximum draft of 11 meters, 15,000 m open storage and 10,000 m of shed space. Covered terminal in the Westhaven. Specialized in the transhipment and storage of steel, wood products and cars, and in container stripping and stuffing. 
Westport Terminals 
Two separate sites offering a total quay length of 1500 m, maximum draft 12.5 m (41 ft), 150,000 m open storage, 40,000 m of shed space, railway connections, crane capacity up to 40 tons. Specialized in the transhipment and storage of containers, granite and gravel, cocoa and other bagged cargo, wood, forest products and other general cargo. 

Cruise and Ferry Terminals 

Felison Terminal Passenger Terminal Amsterdam 
Location:  Port of IJmuiden  Location:  City center of Amsterdam 
Address:  Sluisplein 35 
1975 AG IJmuiden 
Address:  Oostelijke Handelskade 7
1019 BL Amsterdam 
Tel:  +31 255 545454  Tel: +31 20 5091000 
Fax: +31 255 510068  Distance to Amsterdam 
Airport Schiphol:
20 minutes 
E-mail:  Quay length: 600 m 
Distance to the city centre Of Amsterdam: 25 minutes  Draft: 10 m 
Distance to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:  20minutes    
Berth: 235 m     
Draft:  8.3 m     


Ship maintenance and repair 

Oranjewerf Scheepsreparaties B.V.  Shipdock Amsterdam BV
Facilities  length (m)  breadth(m)  lifting capacity (tons)
Dock  130 19.80 4,000
Transverse slipway 130 19.80 4,000
Crane capacities: 9 cranes with lifting capacities from 15 to 60 tons. Floating cranes available up to 300 tons. 
Travelling cranes up to 171/2 ton. All hull and engine repairs and conversions. Engineering works. Electrical installations. Tanker cleaning facilities available.  Wharfage:  a total of 1200 mtr., average draft 8 mtr. 
  Assembly Hall:  Floor area: 8200 sq.m. 
Machine Shop: Floor area: 5000 sq.m. 
Pipe Shop: Floor area: 2000 sq.m. 
Gritblasting Shop:  Floor area: 2500 sq.m. 
Block height:  1.80 m.

Shipdock Amsterdam BV

Facilities  Length(m) breadth at Entrance breath inside (m)  depth(m) capacity(dwt)
Dock I 140 19.50 22.50 5.1 10,000
Dock II 165 21.50 24.50 6.0 18,000
Dock III 205 26.75 30.00 8.2 32,000
Dock IV 250 36.25 39.00 8.0 85,000

Port Information 
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