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Amsterdam Ports Association

The Amsterdam Ports Association (AmPorts) is a public private partnership of enterprises and local government administrations based throughout the North Sea Canal are. Its primary function is to maintain the port's international transport relations and the promotion of the port and transport industries of the region. AmPorts has 350 members, companies that are active in the port of Amsterdam and the municipalities Beverwijk, Velsen (IJmuiden) and Zaanstad.

AmPorts aims to focus the attention of the shipping and transport world on the selling points of the port area, with particular emphasis on the distribution and transhipment facilities of the ports. Various methods are used to disseminate information and generate goodwill about the port region in order to serve the interests of the association's members.
AmPorts employs a small office where specialists are active in communication, marketing support, photography, exhibitions and congresses.

AmPorts organises trade missions, meetings and other events for its members and takes part in exhibitions, congresses and symposiums in the Netherlands and abroad.
An important too in AmPorts' PR efforts is the quarterly magazine 'Haven in Amsterdam" which provides news about port and its transport activities. The magazine has a circulation of 7.000 copies outside Holland, distributed to prospective customers and business contacts of its members.

More information can be obtained from AmPorts office:
Amsterdam Ports Association
Havengebouw, 13th floor
De Ruyterkade 7, 1013 AA Amsterdam,
Telephone: +31 206273706
Telefax: +31 206264969

Ondernemersvereniging Regio Amsterdam ORAM

ORAM is thé Enterprise Association for the Amsterdam Region. ORAM started as a merger between three branch- and enterprise associations, which have stimulated the economic development of the Amsterdam region since 1917. The Amsterdam region consists of the Amsterdam Seaports, Schiphol international airport and several industrial areas in the Dutch capital. 

As a private enterprise organization, ORAM promotes the interests of its associated members in the shipping, trade, logistic and service industry at all levels of local, regional and central government as well as the European authorities. ORAM operates independent and strictly not for profit.

ORAM focuses on: 

  • influencing infrastructure and transport policy to improve port access as well as hinterland connections and local infrastructure for rail, road and river-transport; 
  • ensuring the Amsterdam port remains competitive on an international scale and delivers a high level of port related services, including pilotage, tugs and boatsmen; 
  • improving the quality and availability of industrial development areas;
  • afety and environmental issues, such as the storage and transport of dangerous goods, pollution management, adherence to the IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security code and other safety rules and regulations;
  • the quality and pricing of governmental services;
  • the image of the industry, port and logistics;
  • strengthening the economical structure and enhancing regional welfare;
  • stimulating cooperation amongst and between enterprises and government. 

De Ruyterkade 7
1013 AA Amsterdam
+31 20 6222111
Telefax: +31 20 6203133
E-mail: /

Amsterdam Cruise Port

Amsterdam Cruise Port offers a package of shipping and tourist services in support of cruise calls. Partners are the two passenger terminals in the Amsterdam region, local and provincial authorities, the port autorities, port agents, incoming tour operators and the Amsterdam Tourist Board. The Amsterdam region is one of the major cruise destinations in North West Europe. In 2000 the port received 101 cruise ships.

There are two cruise terminals in the Amsterdam Seaport, each with its own advantage. The new Passenger Terminal Amsterdam, opened in the spring of 2000, is located in the city centre of Amsterdam. Two cruise ships can moor at the same time. The Felison Terminal in Ijmuiden lies on the seaside of the locks and is convenient for bothcity sights in Amsterdam and excursions into rural Holland.

The city of Amsmtmermdam is in the top ten of Europe's most popular tourists destinations. It has the largest old town in Europe, with nearly 7.000 historical monuments ranged around a beautiful network of canals. It can also boast some of the best art to be seen anywhere in the world. The region surrounding the city is also very attractive. No wonder that many cruiseships moor at one of the terminals. Both terminals are high quality and modern terminals, providing a comfortable setting for the passengers, ample parking space and luggage handling facilities.

Both terminals offer good facilities for turnaround calls. They are all conveniently located to reach Amsterdam Airport Shiphol, which has direct connections to over 220 cities on five continents. In addition, the Amsterdam, the Amsterdam region meshes into a network of highways that really does make it a Gateway to Europe.

For further information or assistance please contact Amsterdam Cruise Port, the first contact for cruise ships, for maritime, logistical, operational and tourist affairs:

Amsterdam Cruise Port
P.O.Box 3901, 1001 AS Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 204412557
Telefax: +31 206252869

AYOP Offshore and port related industries

The Amsterdam-IJmuiden region is ideally situated in relation to the many oil and gas fields in the southern sector of the North Sea. This is why the majority of the oil companies operating on the Dutch continental shelf have set up a supply base in this area. Located here are also over a hundred companies providing products and services to the oil and gas industry.
Many of these ancillary industries have become an AYOP member, giving this association a leading role in the serving of the offshore trade. A distinct advantage of the ancillary industries is that they have pertinent know-how, experience and facilities. Virtually everything needed for port related industries, onshore and offshore mining is readily available within the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region.

AYOP currently has some forty members. The aim in the Netherlands and abroad is to promote the products, services and facilities the members offer. In addition AYOP provides information over the many possibilities for interested industries to begin in the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region.
Over the years, AYOP has developed into a unique organization, as the membership list now not only includes many oil-and-gas and port-related industries, but a number of government institutions as well. This means that the communication lines between the business community and government authorities are very short, and that these parties can respond swiftly and effectively to new developments.
In addition to this advantage, AYOP members also haven an enormous amount of maritime and oil-and-gas related knowhow on which their wide range of special port and other maritime services are based. Their excellent capabilities and facilities have turned the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region into the bustling nerve centre for oil-and-gas and port-related industries in The Netherlands,

Within the Amsterdam-IJmuiden region, the AYOP association offers all kinds of special services to the oil-and-gas and port related industries. These services range from a single operation to a combination for, among others, turn-key projects.
Substantially expanded through the years, the current comprehensive package of services includes: engineering, construction, transportation, repair and maintenance, general services, regional authorities and port related industries.

ABN AMRO Bank NV; Amsterdam Port Management; AVR Industry Amsterdam BV; Ballast-Nedam Beton & Waterbouw BV; CMF Central Mudplant and Fluit Services BV; DHV Aetec BV; Genius Vos BV / DNS Dutch Northsea Services; GTI Marine & Offshore BV; HBW Offshore BV; HKS Hoogovens Klockner Scrap Metals BV; Imtech Marine & Industry BV; ING Bank; Koop Tjuchem BV; BV Materiaal Metingen Europe; NBM Amstelland BV; Niron Staal BV; Peterson Offshore Group BV; Radio Holland BV; ROS Holland; Shipdock BV; Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord; Tamalone International; Wijsmuller Havensleepdiensten BV; Zeehaven IJmuiden NV; Beverwijk Municipal Council; IJmuiden Municipal Council; Zaanstad Municipal Council; Province of North-Holland.

For more information:
AYOP Offshore and Port Related Industries
De Ruyterkade 7, 1013 AA Amsterdam
Telephone: +31 206273706
Telefax: +31 206264969
Website : http://www.ayop.comTop

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