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Harbour Dues IJmuiden - Velsen

Zeehaven IJmuiden
(Tariffs valid from March 2017 untill the first of March 2018)

For sea-going vessels for a maximum stay of 7 days and for fishing craft per GT the tariff is € 0,78
(Fishing craft calling more times per 24 hrs only pay ones per 24 hrs.).

  1. For sea-going vessels only calling to load fuel, stores, ships- or fishing necessaries; change of crew and customs clearances the tariff is per measured per GT € 0,39
    Under the condition of granted permission for a maximum duration of 6 hours.
  2. For inland craft the tariff is per measured gross cubic m. (minimum 10 cubic m.) per voyage with a stay of maximum 7 days € 0,19.
  3. An additional ISPS charge of € 0,14 per GT is applicable if a vessel is subject to ISPS.
    Cost cover ISPS services on weekdays from 07:00 till 17:00 hrs
    Costs for ISPS services during other timeframes and/or during holidays are subject to surcharges)
  4. Fresh Water suplly rate of € 3,37 per m3 is applied

The following vessels are exempted from paying dues:

  • Arriving fishing craft with cargo for the fish market.
  • Naval craft.
  • Icebreakers and lifeboats.

Provided they do not stay in the port longer than necessary and notice has been given to the harbour-master in advance of their arrival. 

See for port regulations and further details.

Velsen Terminal
Tariffs as per January 1st, 2018

  • General tariff per GT € 0,69
  • part tariff per GT € 0,35
  • Lay by tariff (without loading and/or discharging) per GT per week € 0,45
  • Tariff for inland vessels per GT € 0,10

A seperate ISPS charge is due for all ISPS registered vessels. The ISPS charge is set at € 0,09 per GT.

Wharfage TATA STeel and affiliated works
(Tariffs as per January 1st, 2018)

Vessels discharging and/or loading at TATA Steel (including Rijksbinnenhavens /Velserkom) to pay wharfage as follows:

  • Discharging and/or loading € 0,81 per GT.

For vessels without discharging and/or loading at Corus are special tariffs at request.

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