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Customs Regulations

Until an inward bound vessel is berthed and has been boarded by custom-house officers, and after a departing ship has been cleared, and has left the Dutch territorial waters, it is strictly forbidden:
1. to allow any person to board the ship;
2. to allow any member of the crew or passengers to disembark;
3. to ship and to unship any goods;
4. to allow a contact with any other craft to be made.
Commissioned and licensed pilots, harbour-master's officers, custom-house officers as well as agents which are in possession of special permits are exempted and personnel on tugs employed in assisting the vessel.
Masters failing to comply with this regulation are liable to be prosecuted.
A vessel is not allowed to proceed to sea without having obtained a clearance certificate at the custom-house. 
Customs seals are not allowed to be broken until the vessel has passed out of territorial waters. In case of detention within territorial waters application may be made for a custom-house officer to board the vessel, and to release such goods as may be needed, customs seals being thereupon renewed.

Clearance by the customs
The custom-house IJmuiden is open 24 hours a day, also for vessels bound for Beverwijk and Velsen.
For vessels bound for Zaandam and Westzaan the clearance formalities will be carried out by custom-house Zaandam from Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. and during other hours by custom-office Corsicaweg.
Clearance formalities for vessels bound for Den Helder will be handled by custom-house Den Helder which is open between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m.
Vessels bound for Amsterdam between 7 am. and 5 p.m. in Havens-West will be handled by custom-office Corsicaweg. This office is open 24 hours a day, for clearance formalities. 
Besides the statement of the cargo there must be a store list available, in triplicate. This list must be an exact statement of all provisions, their quantity and packing.
In addition to the store list, the ship's papers and the shipping documents and the certificate of registry are needed for the clearance; it is recommended that these paper should be in a convenient place before arrival. The quantity of provisions allowed for use in port is based on standards set by customs and is arrived at by multiplying the daily allowance with the number of days the ship is expected to stay in port.
If the stay in port requires more than expected or more than one week, a new allotment will be allowed for the remaining days on application to the customs.
Lists in duplicate are needed for curiosities, textile, tobacco, cigarettes, other provisions, etc. belonging to those on board. Separate lists are required for these articles to be brought ashore after taxes have been paid.
The goods that are not cleared should be put into one room (to spare ship's time it is
recommended to be done before entering the harbour) which is to be sealed up by the customs.
Masters of ships should be particularly careful that the seals affixed by the customs are not damaged. If renewal or removal is wanted apply to customs.

Custom and Excise Offices
Custom district Amsterdam
Leeuwendalersweg 21
1055 JE Amsterdam
phone: 020-586 75 11
Investigation/surveillance office
Kabelweg 88
1014 BC Amsterdam
phone: 020-581 35 00
telefax: 020-581 36 00
Custom office Amsterdam
Corsicaweg 10
1044 AB Amsterdam
phone: 020-587 76 66
telefax: 020-614 50 31
Custom house IJmuiden
Sluisplein 50
1975 AG IJmuiden
phone: 0255-56 08 00
telefax: 0255-56 08 20
Custom house Zaandam
Sluispolderweg 65
1505 HJ Zaanstad
phone: 075-681 59 00
telefax: 075-681 59 02
Custom house Den Helder
Het Nieuwe Diep 33
1781 AD Den Helder
phone: 0223-65 97 59
telefax: 0223-65 97 77
Special tax custom telephone number
(free of charge) 0800-0143

Port Regulations 
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