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Compulsory Waste Disposal Tariff

As per January 1st, 2018 the following Compulsory Waste Disposal Tariff applies to vessels entering ANZK ports:

Tariff and disposal rights are in Euros (€)

1. Uniform agreed format between Dutch and Flemish ports

2. Good balance between incentive and height of the rate (also compared to current rates)

3. Rate; A + f * GT-size (maximized)

4. Calculate rates; fixed fee "A" plus variable factor "F" GT-size exact size

5. smaller vessels: lower base A1 and other factor f1

6. introducing a reduced rate for environmental friendly ships (exclusively for propulsion on LNG or diesel / gas oil via company statement yet to be realized through application on the website of Port of Amsterdam)

Calculating the tariff

0 - 3.000 GT: €105,- + 0,06* GT (rounded to whole euro's)

3.000 GT > : €225,- + 0,02* GT (rounded to whole euro's, with a maximum of €580,-)

Environmetal friendly ships, all GT-sizes; solely powered by MGO or LNG may apply for a rate reduction of 50%

Current procedures Compulsory Waste Disposal unchanged in 2018

1. Agent/shipping company will report waste declaration upon arrival

2. Agent pays Compulsory Waste Disposal bill on behalf of the shipping company after receiving the invoice, within 14 days

3. Agent will fulfill the central role of the choosing the waste collector company

4. There is a free market for waste collectors company's; There is a permit port regulation required

5. Discount system on bills of the waste collectors to the agent / shipping company; discount on annex I (MK Oil) and Annex V (garbage / KGA)

As per January 2018 the discounts are:

Type of Waste
Annex I
- Liquid machine room residues

€200 + €20 per collected M³
Annex V
- Wastes, Food residues and Plastics
- Dangerous Waste (Limited Quantities) 

€200 + €25 per collected M³
€100 per collection

6. Waste collector will inform an operational reporting during current collection and sends within 8 days after collecting the S-form to the Harbour Master Division. Preferably together with item 7 (collected invoices), a period of 14 days is accepted.

7. Waste collectors will sent their collected invoices to division harbourmaster with copy notes from each waste collection.



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