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Coast Guard

The Netherlands Coast Guard is not an autonomous body but a cooperative framework of the ministerial departments with operational responsibilities on the North Sea. The operational command is in the hands of the Royal Dutch Navy.

Operational headquarters of the Netherlands Coast Guard, the Netherlands Coast Guard Centre, is located in IJmuiden. The Centre, manned around the clock by a senior watch officer and several operators, appointed as National Maritime (MRCC) and Aeronautical (ARCC) Rescue Coordination Centre).

The principal tasks of the Netherlands Coast Guard are: maritime services and law enforcement operations. The Netherlands Coast Guard Centre is appointed as National Maritime (MRCC) and Aeronautical (ARCC) Rescue Coordination Centre.

The Coast Guard's area of operation is the Dutch part of the North Sea Continental Shelf. For Search and Rescue operations this area is increased by the Waddenzee, IJsselmeer and the delta areas of the provinces of Zeeland and South Holland.

The Coast Guard Centre does not have ships and aircraft but coordinates those of the various participating departments and/or organizations (RNLN, RNLAF, RNLI, Customs, Ministry of Transport and Public Works, a.o.)

The Coast Guard does have a salvage tug on standby in the port of Den Helder. This vessel, the 'Waker', takes up a position in the K-blocks of the Continental Shelf (roughly NW of Den Helder) any time a wind force of 5 bf or more is predicted in sea-area HUMBER. This vessels' movements are coordinated by the Coast Guard Centre.

The Coast Guard Centre maintains a 24 hours radio watch on the maritime distress frequencies:
VHF channel 16
VHF channel 70 (dsc) MMSI nr 002442000
2182 kHz
2187,5 kHz (dsc)
The call sign during Search and Rescue (SAR) operations is: DEN HELDER RESCUE. For routine radio traffic the call sign NETHERLANDS COAST GUARD should be used.

Netherlands Coast Guard Centre
Gebouw MHKC
Den Helder
P.O.Box 10 000
1780 CA Den Helder

Alarm numbers
Telephone : 0900 - m0111
Telefax : 0223-658 358
Telex : 71088
Inmarsat-A/B (telephone) : via Station 12, access-code 32 or 38
Inmarsat-A/B/C : via Station 12, access code 32+ or 38+
Inmarsat-C 424426512
VHF : channel 16
VHF DSC : channel 70
MF DSC : 2187.5 kHz

For non-operational information during office hours:
Administration :
Telephone : 0223-658 300
Telefax : 0223-658 303

Public relations :
Telephone : 0223-658 333/334
Telefax : 0223-658 335

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