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Amsterdam-Rhine Canal


From Amsterdam to:
Wijk bij Duurstede (on the Lek River) 60 km
Tiel (Waal River) 72 km
Nieuwegein (via branch canal to the Lek River) 46 km
Pannerden (bifurcation of the Rhine River
into Waal and Lek Rivers)
118 km
Pannerden via Arnhem 121 km
Pannerden via Nieuwegein, Arnhem  130 km
Rotterdam via Nieuwegein  105 km

Dimensions of the canal

Bottom width between:
Amsterdam-Wijk bij Duurstede  90 m
Ravenswaay-Tiel  120 m
Nieuwegein N-Nieuwegein-Z 65 m

Canal depth between:
Amsterdam-Wijk bij Duurstede 

6.00 m
Nieuwegein N-Nieuwegein Z
(bottom 4.60 - N.A.P.)
4.20 m
Wijk bij Duurstede-Tiel
(bottom 2.20 - N.A.P.) 
4,20/5.20 m

Water levels

Between the IJmuiden, Wijk bij Duurstede and Nieuwegein locks there is an open waterway on an equal level of 0.40 m. - N.A.P.
The canal between Ravenswaay and Tiel is in open connection with the Lek River as long as its water level does not exceed 5,50 m. + N.A.P. The Lek River's water level exceeds 5.5 m. + N.A.P. only 10 to 20 days annually. When this occurs the Ravenswaay lock comes into use.
The water level of the Lek River near Wijk bij Duurstede is between 2.00 m. + N.A.P. and 3.00 m. + N.A.P.
The water level of the Waal River near Tiel is between 1.90 m. + N.A.P. and 10.40 m. + N.A.P.

Lock dimensions
Lock length (m.) width (m.)
Prinses Irene 1 360 18
(Wijk bij Duurstede) 260 24
Prinses Marijke 2  260 18
Prins Bernhard 3 360 18
(Tiel) 260 24
Prinses Beatrix
(Nieuwegein, 225 18
Lek Canal) 225 18

  1. When traffic is slow the lock can be divided in two by a third lock-gate, shortening the length of the lock-chamber and also shortening the time of passing through.
  2. Lock is usually open. Shipping can pass via rev.lock, width 80 m.
  3. Lock can be divided in three by lock-gates (length resp. 90 m., 170 m. and 90 m.).

Bridges passage height

Passage height of all bridges north of the Lek Rivefr (9.05 m.) 8.65 m.+N.A.P.
Height of passage of bridges south of the Lek 13.55 m.+N.A.P. Except the bridge near Ravenswaay (km.62) 14.80 m.+N.A.P.

Vessel's maximum dimensions

The maximum dimensions of vessels and pushing convoys allowed to the canal are:
Length 200 m.
Width 23 m.
Draft 4 m.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed per hour of vessels is 18 km.

Amsterdam-Rhine Canal Authority

Scheepvaartdienst Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal c.a.,
P.O.Box 555, 3430 AN Nieuwegein
Telephone 030 - 600 82 50
After office hours 0343 - 595 111
Telefax 030 - 600 82 59


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